Enjoy exceptional sound quality from an audio system hidden in the ceiling.
It controls from an APP on your mobile device or by handheld remote.


Perfect for the Bathroom
or Bedroom/ En-Suite

KB Sound Select Star

Can be fitted to any room in the home.
It’s almost invisible, installs easily in the ceiling and is simple to operate with mobile device or handheld remote

Features include:

  • Bluetooth
  • DAB/FM or FM Radio
  • Simple to use App
  • Optional Remote Available
  • Supplied with either 2.5″ or 5″ speakers
  • Pairs with Alexa
  • Quality Sound

Ideal for use in: Kitchen, Diner, Open plan Living Areas, Bathroom, Bedroom En-suite & Apartments

works with amazon alexa

SELECT STAR is supplied as a packaged kit and features three models:

Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Systems , KB Sound Select Star 2.5inch

2.5″ speakers

Ideal for the bathroom

Select Star Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and App

5″ speakers

Ideal for kitchen or larger room

SELECT STAR SPACE, Bluetooth Audio Receiver


Supplied without speakers – choose your own.
Also used with a ceiling amplifier to expand the number of speakers.

What’s in the kit?


STAR Space

Bluetooth Audio Receiver module with FM/DAB or FM only.



2.5” speakers, for bathrooms and 5” speakers, for kitchens or larger rooms.

SPACE supplied w/o speakers – choose your own.


KB Sound Select Star Remote white

SELECT STAR is managed by mobile App or a stylish Remote Control.

Both Control all audio functions.

Switching in ceiling amplifier

A module will drive up to 4 speakers (4 x 8 ohm)
To expand the system add the in-ceiling amplifier which will drive a further 4 speakers.
Up to 4 amplifiers can be added (Ideal for commercial multi-speaker requirements)

Using the app or handheld remote, speakers connected to module or amplifier can be switched to work on the Module, amplifier or both.
This is ideal for switching open plan living areas or bedroom/En-suite.

The amplifier also has mono/stereo switch and 3 maximum volume settings.

KB Sound switching amplifier

Any room in the house.
Catch the Morning News with your corn flakes -- Ideal for Kitchen/Diner or expand to cover the whole open plan living area. Maybe add the Patio.
Wake up in the shower to your local radio station, or relax in the bath while streaming your favourite album.
Star is great in the Bathroom, or expand for a bedroom En-suite.


Build units into the bedroom/bathroom and open plan living area. A low-cost solution for the developer to add ambience and selling appeal.


Set your customers at ease with the ambience music brings.


Easily control music across the common areas.


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